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L-N-R Kennels is a hands-on facility providing lots of TLC. 



Boarding prices (per day):

1 dog  $22.00 cash 


2 dogs  $42.00 cash 



1 cat $10.00 cash 

2 cats $18.00 cash 

3 cats 26.00 per day cash

Charge begins on first day of arrival and there is a charge of an additional day for pick-up after 10:00 AM.

All prices are per day cash only.  No checks.


We have 6 indoor "Deluxe Suites," featuring radiant heated floors. This area is well suited for the guest that requires extra pampering in a quiet secluded setting. Our insulated outdoor facility is fully heated in winter and also provides a cool environment when summer temperatures rise.  Each dog has their own space inside the facility with a doggie door with direct outside access in their own 12- foot run. All outdoor kennels are covered to protect your pet from the elements, and have hard wood floors. We board any dog of any size. We realize this dog is a member of your family, therefore, we give them lots of TLC, feed them doggy treats, and walk them daily on our 10.55 acre facility


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